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An Initiative of the Jeunes+ Coalition

The Forum was held remotely on November 18 and 19, 2021.

Registrations are closed. For any question, please contact "Dans la rue".

Youth Homelessness Prevention Forum

The Youth+ Coalition is a Quebec-based coalition created in 2018 and governed by researchers, youth, community organizations and collectives The Coalition aims to mobilize key stakeholders towards a concerted and constructive effort in the fight against youth homelessness, based on the respect and promotion of the rights of youth aged 12 to 30 across the province of Quebec.

Quebec has a National policy in place which aims to combat homelessness through an intersectoral action plan that is renewed every five years. The issue of preventing youth homelessness, as well as the unique characteristics of this phenomenon, are not sufficiently addressed by the current plan. Preventing youth homelessness requires the development of concrete actions and solutions that are adapted to meet the specific needs of the youth and those of their families. In order to change policies, improve services, and guarantee the protection of youth rights, it is imperative to propose a prevention framework that is specifically designed to address youth homelessness and that has been built with the help of diversestakeholders, including researchers and the youth themselves!

To achieve our goal of preventing and reducing youth homelessness, we must unite community organizations, youth, researchers, local authorities, institutional partners, and public services.

The first major activity of Coalition Jeunes+ is the Youth Homelessness Prevention Forum, which will take place online on November 18 and 19, on zoom with youth gathered in person throughout Quebec, in collaboration with community partners! We aim to bring together, for the first time in Quebec, the diverse actors concerned with the prevention of youth homelessness.

The objectives of the Youth Homelessness Prevention Forum are to :

  • Define (upstream) homelessness prevention in Quebec;
  • Get all the actors present to agree on the importance of acting on the prevention of youth homelessness;
  • Consolidate the youth prevention network;
  • Define regional realitiess;
  • Adopt a common declaration;.
  • Include the voice and vision of youth to build actions.

At the end of the forum, participants will have :

  • Completed and improved the Youth+ Coalition's recommendations by ensuring that they encompass regional realities;
  • Identified concrete actions;
  • Participated in the drafting of a common declaration;
  • Heard from youth about their ideas and concerns.

Your presence and your contributions are essential towards achieving our shared goal of collectively preventing youth homelessness!

Youth Participation : We Need You!

50 scholarships are available for youth, which includes the registration fee for the Forum, two lunches, two dinners and a stipend for time spent participating in the Forum.

In order to encourage their participation, we are counting on the collaboration of youth partners to provide in-person gathering spaces for youth throughout Quebec. The Forum will pay for the cost of materials, food and human resources to facilitate the group. !


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