Activities for Students

Research Seminars

Research seminar in the presence of the invited researcher Kristine Slentz

  • Kristine Slentz, professor emeritus of the Department of Specialized Education of Western Washington University (United States), gave the entire university community a presentation on evaluation in early intervention
  • Colombe Lemire and Maxime Poitras, two students from the higher cycles, encouraged a conversation and discussion about their study projects, in the presence of Professor Slentz, researchers and students’ members of the Chair.

Thematic Workshops

Two thematic workshops were offered to the university community:

  • A first workshop about the transfer of knowledge, presented by Diane Berthelette, honorary professor at the University of Québec in Montreal.
  • A second workshop on the EIS evaluation and intervention program was offered by Carmen Dionne.

Thematic Video Capsule

  • A first video capsule focused on parental involvement in the assessment, presented by Jane Squires, professor at the University of Oregon, United States