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Hydrogen Research Institute


Our research program proposes the use of Smart (Chemistry) Tools and Strategies (S(C)TS) for developing molecular and/or hybrid compounds, systems, and research methods with pre-designed regeneration/ (auto)protection/ (auto)correction features.

Research Interests

We are interested in artificial photosynthesis with focus on solar fuels and energy conversion applications for a sustainable development.

We are also interested in applying photo(electro)catalytic and artificial photosynthesis methods for production, purification, use, and recycling of advanced materials, as well as critical and strategic minerals.

Through the development of smart compounds, systems and research methods, we are aiming to address the lack of regeneration/ (auto)protection/ (auto)correction features in the artificial systems vs. the successful natural ones, in which they are key (e.g., natural photosynthesis).

Using an integrated research-education approach, we aim to prepare and train students for becoming the professionals needed in the energy transition process.

While targeting the scientific rigor, we have at heart the human dimension of our lives.