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Hydrogen Research Institute

Huot's Lab

Huot’s group is mainly interested in the storage of hydrogen in metal hydrides. Research is diversified both in terms of materials as well as synthesis and preparation techniques.

This type of research is stimulating because it involves solid knowledge in chemistry, physics, metallurgy, thermodynamics and solid-gas interactions.

Most research projects are in collaboration with universities and international laboratories (France, Norway, Germany, Italy, Israel, South Korea, China, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, India).

Our group’s research is essentially on two levels: development of new alloys and use of new synthesis and preparation techniques. Several types of alloys are currently being studied. These include: Alloys based on magnesium or titanium, TiFe alloys, high entropy alloys, alloys based on titanium and having a cubic body-centered structure, Laves’ phase alloys.

The training of researchers is a priority for our group. Students have freedom of action while being supervised by professors and HRI researchers. The approach is very informal and students have free access to specialized equipment. In addition, through international collaborations, students could have the opportunity to perform unique synchrotron and neutron experiments.

With regard to the means of synthesis and preparation, we study mechanical alloying, cold rolling, synthesis by arc furnace or a combination of these techniques. Our research is both fundamental and applied. We are in constant interaction with the industry to find out the specific needs that will improve the competitiveness of metal hydrides as a means of storing hydrogen. Finally, it should be noted that our research is not exclusive to the storage of hydrogen. We also have activities on hydrogen embrittlement and battery materials.