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Hydrogen Research Institute

Smart Grid - LIREI

The Hydrogen Research Institute (HRI) and the LIREI (Laboratoire d’Innovation et de Recherche en Énergie Intelligente) have expertise in key areas of smart grids, obtained through several years of valuable research studies. Our research team has practical experiences particularly in:

  • Integration of energy sources (constant or intermittent) into distribution systems.
  • Buildings thermal characterization and simulation based on automated energy models, designed by various machine learning methods.
  • Short-term energy and power consumption forecasting based on parametric and non-parametric statistical models.
  • Integration of electrical (battery), thermal, and hydrogen storage systems into distribution grids for high-level energy management services.
  • Electrical vehicles charging optimization and management based on smart charging services, enabled by programmable communication systems.
  • Development of interaction mechanisms for intelligent automated agents’ communication under transactive energy system designs.
Smart grids offer different potentials for improving energy efficiency, service quality, and customer’s satisfaction through the convergence of information and communication technologies (ICT), artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), electronics, and energy conversion systems in general.
Membres du LIREI.

The emergence of transactional management methods can provide a promising alternative capable of optimally balancing production and consumption. In such context, users (customers) can be both electricity producers and managers of their consumption. Therefore, they can be integrated into the new operation modes/structures of distribution grids.

We contribute to the training of highly qualified academic researchers through various projects, entrusted to undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students, and guided by professors and other professionals.