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Soutenir la Transition et l'Engagement dans la Parentalité


Christine Drouin-Maziade

Christine Drouin-Mazaide is a clinical coordinator with Project STEP and a research coordinator in the Department of Nursing at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières. She has a doctorate in Psychology (D.Psy.). She is also a clinical psychologist for children, adolescents and families. She possesses a wide clinical experience with people who have suffered adverse and stressful events (notably in CIUSSS and Child Protection Centers). She is particularly interested in psychological adaptation following adverse events, transition to parenthood, and the concept of prenatal parental mentalization. Her role as clinical coordinator with Project STEP involves working primarily on the development of the STEP support program and actively participating in the clinical and theoretical reflexions that guide the research project.

Sylvie A. Moisan

Sylvie A. Moisan is a research coordinator with specialization in the field of physical and mental health. She has worked in universities, a private research firm, as well as in clinical laboratories. She has undergraduate degrees in biology (bachelor’s and a certificate) and graduate degrees in scientific and medical translation (Master’s and D.É.S.S) and literature for youth (D.É.S.S). She has also had training in project management, public health and the arts.


In her role as a research coordinator for Project STEP in the Department of Nursing at the UQTR, Ms. Moisan, together with the researchers in charge of the study, coordinates all activities connected to the various research components. She performs tasks linked mainly to budget management, human resources, logistics, administration, purchases and supervision of laboratory manipulation of biological samples. She maintains collaborations with partners from clinical settings and supervises communication with research participants. She also performs all other related tasks aimed at keeping Project STEP running smoothly.