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HoPE program

What is HoPE program?

The HoPE program (Horizon parent-enfant; Parent-Child Horizon) is for families with children or teenagers between 5 and 25 years old, in which one of the parents suffers from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or recurrent major depression. The aim of this project is to improve screening, accessibility to youth mental health services and their continuity.

What services or offered ?

A professional “navigator” is appointed to each participating family.

The navigator: 

  • Maintains long-term contact with the family and is available at all time to answer questions pertaining to the physical and mental health needs of its members;
  • Forwards the requests for services to facilitate access to treatment and services for children and their families;
  • Ensures continuity of services;
  • Acts as a link between practitioners involved with the family to ensure the most efficient communication;
  • Promotes partnership between health services and family doctors, as well as with schools;
  • Works with a team of professionals from various sectors of youth and adult mental health services.

The navigator does not provide any intervention or therapeutic treatment.

How to participate in the HoPE program ?

Families are referred to the HoPE program team following a request for services in youth mental health at a CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale service center. They can also ask a CIUSSS practitioner or family doctor to contact the HoPE program team.

Contact information 

For information, please e-mail the HoPE program  at A team member will communicate by phone with the person making the request.