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Génomique fonctionnelle des phytopathosystèmes

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Time lapse and 3D confocal microscope images taken by Claire Letanneur using the collection published in:

Nelson, B.K., Cai, X., Nebenführ, A., 2007. A multicolored set of in vivo organelle markers for co-localization studies in Arabidopsis and other plants. The Plant Journal 51, 1126-1136.

  • All images were captured using a Leica SP8 confocal microscope with the 40X PlanApo objective.
  • Arabidopsis seedlings were between 5-10 days old. Only leaf epithelial cells are shown.

3D (click on the organelle to be redirected to YouTube)

Time lapse (click on the organelle to be redirected to YouTube)


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