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Security and Usage Procedures
Specific system features have been put in place in order to ensure maximum security and confidentiality when accessing your user account. The following are some important guidelines concerning:
1 Accepting cookie
Very important, your browser must be configured to accept cookies.
2 Automated logoff
If your session remains inactive for a certain period of time, you will automatically be logged off from the system. Hence, in order to re-access your account you will have to logon again.
3 Ending a session
For security purposes, it is very important for you to end your session once you have finished or should you need to momentarily leave your workstation unattended.

In order to end a session, please carry out the following instructions:

  1. Click on the logoff icon Déconnexion de when it is present on the web page.
  2. Close all web browser windows.
NOTE: This step is all the more important if you are sharing a workstation with other users.

If you have any problem, please write to us.


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