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Recruitment for a 12 months postdoctorate position

Towards Biosourced polystyrene from lignin derived compound (LDC) Using Sustainable Transformation methods (BioMUST) UTC-MSTD 2023-2024 funding.

BioMUST aims to prepare biosourced materials for packaging application starting from LDCs. To reach this goal, direct valorization of LDCs for the synthesis of polystyrene-type polymers will be achieved. The idea is to perform functional arrangements on benzadehydes, obtained from lignin, to yield -after alkylation and olefination- a series of styrene derivatives. Such monomers will be employed in radical polymerization to yield polystyrene-type materials. In vitro tests using model bacteria but also specific bacterial strains reported to (at least) partially degrade polystyrene will be performed to assess the end of life of the biosourced polymers produced in this project.
Environmentally-friendly transformation of LDCs into monomers will take place within the TIMR lab of UTC Compiègne, while the macromolecules will be synthesized using green processes in IPCM lab of Sorbonne Université (PARIS). The microbiological experiments will be carried out in TIMR lab (Compiègne).