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Messaoud Ahmed Ouameur
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  • Français
  • Anglais
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Champ d'intérêt / Domaine d'expertise

Domaine d'expertise

  • Théorie des systèmes de communication
  • Traitement de signaux et implémentation en temps réel
  • Traitement et programmation parallèles et distribués
  • Apprentissage automatique
  • Apprentissage profond
  • Informatique en périphérie (edge computing)
  • Systèmes embarqué

Champ d'intérêt

  • Systèmes de communication sans fil de nouvelle génération (5G and beyond)
  • Internet des objets
  • Algorithmes et protocoles basés sur l' intelligence artificielle
  • Environnement radio intelligent
  • Métasurfaces reconfigurables intelligentes: modélisation, traitement de signal et prototypage
  • Systèmes MIMO à très grande échelle et distribués
  • Systèmes embarqués à faible coût et à faible consommation d'énergie

Liste des cours enseignés
Sigle Titre
GEI1023 Conception de circuits numériques
GEI1032 Conception des ordinateurs
GEI1052 Activités de synthèse en génie électrique et informatique
GEI1064 Conception en VLSI
GEI1065 Stage de génie électrique en entreprise
GEI1082 Stage d'initiation en génie électrique en entreprise
GEI1083 Conception de systèmes embarqués
GEI1084 Architecture des ordinateurs et calcul accéléré
GEI6028 Séminaire de recherche
GEI6039 Microsystèmes
GEI6047 Problématiques reliées à la conception en VLSI
GEI6050 Sujets spéciaux en micro et nanosystèmes
GEI6058 Travaux dirigés
Service à la collectivité
  • Co-guest editor (2019/7-2020/3), Guest editor, Electronics (MDPI), Special Issue on "The Technology of Energy Efficient Signal Processing for Wireless Communications and Networking", Journal
  • Committee Member (2019/1- ), Undergraduate studies committee, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivieres
  • IEEE Communication Society Chair (2019/3- ), St-Mauricie section, Region 7 (Canada)
  • Committee Member of Panel TI (2019/4- ) Revisit the current training models to meet the employees' needs in such exponential growth of the TI sector
  • Member of the sub-commission for graduate studies (2020/5- )
  • Reviewer for IEEE Communications Letters (2018/9 - ), IEEE Wireless Comms. Letters (2018/9 - ), Internet of Things Journal (recognized as ELSEVIER's reviewers' platform) (2019/9), and for other flagship IEEE conferences such as VTC (2019), NEWCAS (2019&2020) and CWCN (2019)

(2019). 5G, The new technological opportunity. ISEQ’s (Industrie des Systèmes Électroniques du Québec) annual meeting, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada

(2017). 5G Massive MIMO Research: From Theory to Prototyping. Symposium on 5G Massive MIMO


Ahmed Ouameur M, Massicotte D, Akhtar A M, Gerard R*. (2020). Performance Evaluation and Implementation Complexity Analysis Framework for ZF Based Linear Massive MIMO Detection. Wireless Networks Journal, SpringerNature. Published 2020/4.

Ahmed Ouameur M, Lê Duong Tuan A*, Massicotte D. (2020). Model-Aided Distributed Shallow Learning for OFDM Receiver in IEEE 802.11 Channel Model. Wireless Networks Journal, SpringerNature. Published 2020/6.

Ahmed Ouameur M, Massicotte D. (2020). Early Results on Deep Unfolded Conjugate Gradient-Based Large Scale MIMO Detection. IET Communications. Submitted 2019/9, revised 2020/5, Accepted 2020/10.

Sirois S*, Ahmed Ouameur M, Massicotte D. (2020). Deep Unfolded Extended Conjugate Gradient Method for Massive MIMO Processing with Application to Reciprocity Calibration. Journal of the signal processing system, Springer. Submitted 2019/9, revised 2020/2.

Ahmed Ouameur M, Caza-Szoka M, Massicotte D. (2020). Machine Learning Enabled Tools and Methods for Indoor Localization Using Low Power Wireless Network. The Internet of Things (IoT) Journal, ELSEVIER. Published 2020/12.

Sirois S*, Ahmed Ouameur M, Massicotte D. (2020). High-level Synthesis Strategies for Ultra-Fast and Low Latency Matrix Inversion Implementation for Massive MIMO Processing. IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems. Submitted 2020/7.

Kulkarni A*, Ahmed Ouameur M, Massicotte D. (2020). Hardware Topologies for Large-Scale MIMO Detection using Newton Method with Approximate Hessian. IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems. Submitted 2020/7.

Ahmed Ouameur M, Massicotte D. (2011). On MSE EXIT Chart Analysis and Real-Time DSP Implementation for Iterative (Turbo) Detection. Journal of Signal Processing Systems. 64(3): 305–317.

Nougarou F*, Ahmed Ouameur M, Massicotte D. (2008). Adaptive Duplicated Filters and Interference Canceller for DS-CDMA Systems. Journal of Signal Processing Systems. 53(3): 349–365.

Ahmed Ouameur M, Massicotte D. (2007). Toward Real-Time DSP and FPGA Implementation of Multipath Channel Estimation Techniques in WCDMA and cdma2000 systems. The Journal of VLSI Signal Processing Systems for Signal, Image, and Video Technology. 47(3): 259–279.


(2019) Method and network node for calculating transmitter precoding weights and receiver combining weights for a MIMO antenna system, International Application No.: PCT/IB2016/054535 Priority Date: 03 August 2015. Canada. WO/2017/021835. 2017/12/04.
Granted/Issued in CANADA (2018) and USA (2019)
Inventors: Ahmed Ouameur M

(2009) Method and system for adaptive duplicated filters and interference cancellation, Pub. No.: WO/2007/071056 International Application No.: PCT/CA2006/002106 International Filing Date: 21.12.2006. Priority Date: 21 December 2005. The United States. US20090296786A1. 2009/12/03.
Inventors: Massicotte D, Ahmed Ouameur M, and Nougarou F.

(2008) Method and System for Multi-User Channel Estimation in DS-CDMA Systems, Pub. No.: WO/2005/099130. International Application No.: PCT/CA2005/000543. International Filing Date: 08.04.2005 Priority Date: 09
April 2004. United States. US20080130674A1. 2008/06/05.
Inventors: Ahmed Ouameur M and Massicotte D.


Ahmed Ouameur M, Massicotte D. (2020). Autoencoder for Interconnect’s Bandwidth Relaxation in Large Scale MIMO-OFDM Processing. IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Systems, SiPS, Coimbra, Portugal. Submitted 2020/6.

Massicotte D, Jaber M, Neili C, Ahmed Ouameur M. (2020). FPGA Implementation for the Multiplexed and Pipelined Building Blocks of Higher Radix-2k FFT. IEEE 11th Latin American Symposium on Circuits & Systems (LASCAS), San Jose, Costa Rica, 2020/2. 

Benmimoune M, Hachemi S, Massicotte D, Ahmed Ouameur M. (2019). PCA-Aided Precoding for Correlated MIMO Broadcast Channels. IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing, Ottawa, Canada. 2019/11.

Ahmed Ouameur M, Massicotte D. (2019). Efficient Distributed Processing for LargeScale MIMO Detection. 27th European Signal Processing Conference, A Coruña, Spain. 2019/9.

Ahmed Ouameur M, Massicotte D. (2019). Successive Column-wise Matrix Inversion Update for Large Scale Massive MIMO Reciprocity Calibration. IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC), Marrakech, Morocco. 2019/4.

Ji X, Zhu W P, Massicotte D, Ahmed-Ouameur M. (2015). Energy-efficient power allocation and relay location for asymmetric bi-directional relaying,. IEEE Global Conference Signal and Information Processing, Orlando, United States. 2015/12.

Ahmed Ouameur M, Massicotte D, Zhu W P. (2015). Carrier frequency and sampling rate offsets effect on sub 6 GHz Massive MIMO. IEEE Nordic Circuits and Systems Conference (NORCAS), Oslo, Norway. 2015/1.


Ahmed Ouameur M. (2018). 1-Watt Band 3 LTE Front End or Open Cellular LTE eNB: Architecture, System Performance Analysis and Prototyping. 35 pages. Nutaq Innovation Inc.

Ahmed Ouameur M. (2018). Power Amplifier Performance with Single RAT, Multicarrier and MSR waveforms using CFR/DPD. 26 pages. Nutaq Innovation Inc.

Ahmed Ouameur M. (2016). Massive MIMO System Level Design, Specifications and Prototyping. 32 pages. Nutaq Innovation Inc.

Ahmed Ouameur M and Ghoraishi M. (2015). NUTAQ Innovation and 5G Innovation Centre Joint Proposal on Massive MIMO Deployment in Dense Heterogeneous Network Scenario. 17 pages. Nutaq Innovations inc and 5G Innovation Center (UK).