Groupe de recherche interuniversitaire en limnologie et en environnement aquatique

GRIL Researcher Members


Regular: an active member of the GRIL (including emeritus researchers):

  • who participates as a researcher in at least one in three annual Symposium and whose lab regularly attends the annual Symposium;
  • who participates to GRIL activities (general assemblies, workshops, committees, etc.);
  • whose research interests are consistent with those of the GRIL.

Collaborator: a researcher who satisfies the regular member criteria but who is not a researcher in a Québec university (e.g.researchers in universities outside Québec or government researchers) or any Québec university researcher who satisfies at least two of the following criteria in the previous 6 years:

  • have published with a regular GRIL member;
  • have or have had a grant together with a regular GRIL member;
  • have co-supervised a student together with a regular GRIL member.

Honorary: GRIL researcher who has retired from their academic or government position.




Program for collaborative projects 1st ou 2nd applicant 3nd applicant* 3nd applicant* 3nd applicant*
Analytical fees: GRIL at cost Yes Yes No Yes
Preferential fee for the GRIL Annual Symposium Yes No No  No
Other GRIL funding Yes No No Yes
*3nd applicant = as a co-supervisor with Regular members as 1st and 2nd applicants.


Here is a summary of the funding programs available to researcher members of the GRIL. For details, conditions and the procedure to apply, please access the Intranet reserved for members.

GRIL Program for Regular Collaborative Projects

Complementary financial support for graduate students. The goal of this program is to increase the collective achievements of researchers within the GRIL, including the co-supervision of graduate students, the production of joint publications and team grant applications.Subvention pour chercheurs pour appuyer les étudiants aux cycles supérieurs.

GRIL Program for Collaborative Partnership Project

Complementary financial support for graduate students. The goal of this program is to facilitate collaborations and to increase the number of collective products between GRIL researchers and community (public, municipal or governmental) partners.

GRIL Thematic Workshops

This program aims to fund thematic research workshops that address key scientific questions in limnology and aquatic ecology that are relevant for the international scientific community. Issues should include those that are important for freshwater ecosystems in Québec.

Data Derbies

This program aims to fund GRIL Data Derbies, which are intensive events (usually 2-3 days) wherein different multidisciplinary teams are created to address novel and concise research questions, using open data supplied to the participants.

GRIL scientific symposia at Acfas

This program aims to fund Acfas (Association francophone pour le savoir) symposia on topics of interest to the GRIL network. Acfas symposia are platforms for disseminating and discussing research findings among scientists, decision makers, and research users.

Funding support for long-term stay of visiting professor

This funding support is intended to encourage collaborations between GRIL members and universities outside of Quebec, ideally internationally, and to support the sharing and transfer of knowledge.



How to become a member:

Recruited members by the Comité de direction (CD):

  • recruitment based on renewal requirements to bolster strategic areas identified by the CD;
  • accepted applicants can become Regular or Collaborator members (discretion of the CD).

Unsolicited new members (i.e. not previously identified for target areas):

Criteria for acceptance:

  • must clearly be able to integrate into at least 2 areas of interest to the GRIL;
  • should address structural and functional issues in freshwater ecosystems in their research program;
  • work primarily in freshwater ecosystems: e.g. attend North American ASLO or SCL meetings;
  • actively collaborate with at least one GRIL member (i.e. co-supervised students, coauthored paper or co-PI’s on a grant in the past 6 years);
  • have the clear support of at least 2 Regular GRIL members (letters).

Upon acceptance, shall normally become a Collaborator for 2-year trial period; then Regular member if requested and approved by the CD.

GRIL membership application package:

  1. cover letter requesting membership and addressing the requirements for unsolicited new members;
  2. CV – ideally NSERC or FRQNT CCV type;
  3. two letters of support from Regular GRIL members.

Requested documents must be sent to the GRIL director:

SUBMIT MY documents

Membership renewal: inactive Regular members may be asked by the CD to become Collaborators.

GRIL is an FRQNT-funded strategic cluster