Groupe de recherche interuniversitaire en limnologie et en environnement aquatique

GRIL EDI Policy and Program Rules

This document outlines the GRIL's general rules of operation with respect to its programs and to its application of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) principles.

The GRIL invites its members to contact the Director, Associate Director or one of the Coordinators with question or issues related to the application of these principles within the GRIL.

To learn more about EDI principles, please visit our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion page, where you will find several useful resources.



Since its creation in 1989, the GRIL has paid particular attention to the application of EDI principles in the composition of its governing bodies (management and various committees, including the Executive Committee), ensuring gender parity, career stage and geographic representation.

Employee Support

The GRIL offers EDI training by experts in the field to its employees on a regular basis. To help them better understand the issues related to EDI, we have also dedicated a section on the matter on our website including external links to reliable resources.

To supporta variety of family situations and other constraints of our employees, the GRIL allows for flexible and part-time schedules, as well as telecommuting.

Allocation of financial support

The GRIL’s funding is allocated in a manner that offers equal opportunities to all groups of people. In cases where the GRIL must choose among applicants (e.g. limited funds for certain programs, equivalent projects), consideration will be given to promoting ethnic, gender, regional and researcher career stage diversity.

The GRIL offers funding to support students who have children during their program of study, for students who do not have access to other sources of funding through their university or funding agencies.

Organization of symposia or other activities

The GRIL aims to ensure a diversity of invited guests during the organization of training workshops, symposia, seminars and the Annual Symposium. Applications for funding for workshops and research derbies must demonstrate adherence to the GRIL's EDI policy and program rules.

The GRIL ensures that committee meetings or other meetings (workshops, research derbies) are fully accessible, with the goal of removing barriers. To the extent possible, the GRIL promotes travelling with family so that members with children can attend activities, especially the GRIL Annual Symposium. In addition, the GRIL aims , when possible, to offer bilingual activities that are accessible online.

The GRIL collects EDI data about its members and provides them the possibility to self-identify as being M, F or Other. Our promotional items will respect physical, cultural and sexual diversity.

Mentoring and Integration

EDI training courses given by experts in the field and offered to employees of the GRIL on a regular basis are also open to members. To help members better understand the issues related to EDI, we have also dedicated a section on the matter on our website including external links to reliable resources.

The GRIL promotes the integration of new student and researcher members in each of its partner institutions. The individual GRIL university poles are very strong and the collaborative spirit is also supported amongst universities, by pooling equipment for field work, analytical services and support from technicians associated with different laboratories, among other things. Collaborations with new researchers are also prioritized in the decisions to grant funds from the GRIL Program for Collaborative Projects; thereby also promoting the integration of new researchers.

The GRIL encourages postdoctoral fellows to be regular members of several strategic clusters so they can benefit from the same opportunity as researchers and take advantage of a larger network for collaboration and a diversity of mentorship.

When joining the GRIL, new researcher members are invited to give a presentation during the GRIL Annual Symposium, to introduce them to our members, to promote their research and expertise and to promote collaboration. In addition, the GRIL invites any new member (student, postdoctoral fellow and researcher) to visit our EDI web page, to read this policy on the issues surrounding EDI principles and the GRIL rules.


Funding Programs

The GRIL offers various funding programs to its members. Each program has its own rules which are available on the member intranet. Without adequate justification, members who do not observe the rules outlined therein may see their program access suspended..

For example, the Programs for Collaborative Projects aims to promote scientific publications between GRIL researchers: if a project does not lead to at least one joint publication, justification will be required for continued funding access.

Data Archiving and Sharing

Similarly, the GRIL has adopted a "GRIL Policy on Data Archiving and Sharing" (GPDAS). Continued funding access is contingent on respecting and adhering to the GPDAS. This policy particularly affects all Programs for Collaborative Projects, Thematic Workshops and Research Derbies. The policy is available on this page in our intranet.


The Fonds de recherche du Québec has developed a tool for members of the research community to raise awareness of the responsible conduct of research.

The tool aims to foster awareness of best practices for the responsible conduct of research among students and researchers through activities focused on decision making in real research contexts.

The tool is presented in three modules:

  • Module 1: Responsible dissemination of research results
  • Module 2: Integrity of peer review
  • Module 3: Research ethics

To learn more about the tool and access the modules, follow this link.

GRIL is an FRQNT-funded strategic cluster