Groupe de recherche interuniversitaire en limnologie et en environnement aquatique


The GRIL developed the metaGRIL to encourage and facilitate research data sharing through open access to metadata. This tool will facilitate the creation of new research collaborations among GRIL members and with researchers from other institutions.

Metadata (i.e. data describing research data) forms a structured whole describing the organizational and scientific context of the research project. There are metadata standards that provide a pre-established framework for describing data. The use of these standards is one of the elements that make data detectable, citable and ready to use by other researchers.

Since 2022, metadata are hosted on the Borealis platform.

To submit your metadata, please refer to the metaGRIL Guide and contact Frédérique Bélanger-Lépine if you have any questions.

To consult the metadata deposited prior to 2021, visit the DataOne website.