Groupe de recherche interuniversitaire en limnologie et en environnement aquatique

Material and equipment available to members

GRIL equipment loan
Contact: Dominic Bélanger (UdeM)

  • Portable meteo station Kestrell - 2 available
  • Depth finder
  • Licor - model LI-1400 | see picture
  • Pump with turbine (blue) | see picture
  • Masterflex peristaltic pump for DNA filtration
  • Secchi disc
  • Filtration kit (4 towers) for 125/250 ml bottles
  • Filtration kit (3 towers) for 125/250 ml bottles
  • Large Van Dorn bottle (15 x 55 cm) | see picture
  • Gast vacuum pump with membrane, no oil - 2 available
  • Schindler-Patalas trap (zooplankton) | see picture
  • Large tube to collect water column integrated samples (5 cm diameter x 6 m long)

Winter sampling:

GRIL echosounding system available for rental
Contact: Chantal Fournier (UQTR)

The echosounding system consists of four main components, each with their specific function. The DGPS system allows geographic coordinates to be acquired with great precision. The transducer makes it possible to record echograms that are then translated into measurements of plant height and cover, while the video camera system records underwater images of the plants. Finally, the field computer enables data visualization and recording.

Rental fees:

  • $20 / day
  • $100 / week
  • $150 / 2 weeks
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