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Sizing and Energy Management of Hybrid Dual-Energy Storage System for a Commercial Electric Vehicle

Strategy Framework and Scoring

The participants are required to provide solutions that accomplish two tasks:

  • Find the best combination of battery and SC configuration, ie, number of cells in parallel and number of cells in series that satisfies the constrain of the container's dimensions,
  • Offers a suitable Energy Management Strategy based on the designed storage system to compete against other teams.

The participant's solution must simultaneously minimize four criteria, including:

  • The degraded SoC of battery cell after the testing driving cycle
  • The difference between the initial and the final value of supercapacitor pack voltage
  • The standard deviation of battery cell current
  • The root mean square (RMS) value of battery cell current

The sizing of the energy storage system must consider constraints of the volume of the container and the minimum maximum voltage of the storage system.

MATLAB / Simulink Simulation Program

Participants of the Challenge will be provided a free-to-use model of the studied vehicle on Matlab / Simulink, which is then used as a common platform to fairly evaluate submitted solutions. All participated teams will put all parameters of their designed energy storage systems in the given m-file and implement their energy management strategies in the Proposed EMS block (dark blue background with the white parallelogram). The participants are not allowed to change anything of the system model and control. The solutions will be scored by using the original files of the organizing team.


Simulation model of the studied vehicle in MATLAB / Simulink

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