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Energy Management of a Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive Electric Vehicle

The submitted simulation program, which includes the developed energy management strategy (EMS) for scoring, must respect the following requirements:

  • The participants will implement their strategy in the EMS block (dark blue background with the white parallelogram) by using the provided measurements. The participants must not change anything of the system model and control. The EMSs will be scored by using the original files of the organization team.
  • If you introduce any new variables, you must declare them in the script “Strategy.m” in the folder “EMS” and must use the syntax “EMS.your_variable_name”. It is to ensure that all your variables are associated with the field EMS and therefore will not be conflicted with the other variables of the system.
  • You can add your additional data, functions, or any other files to the folder “EMS”.
  • Send your program to with the “First Name Name IEEE challenge”. Please send a “Read me” for your specific program. Make sure that your name and your affiliation are informed in the email.
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