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September, 22-24, 2022



Teaching and learning history and social sciences in relation to minorities-majorities dynamics in a national context.

Under the auspices of the International Research Association for History and Social Sciences Education (IRAHHSE), the Université du Québec à Trois Rivières (UQTR) is conducting an international congress on history and social science education in regard to different national perspectives. We will also be publishing a scientific pamphlet underlining the best contributions resulting from this event. Moreover, collaboration between the Société des professeurs d'histoire du Québec (SPHQ) and the Association québecoise pour la didactique de l'histoire et de la géograpahie (AQDHG) will provide valuable contact opportunities between researchers and professionals from here and abroad.

This international conference, which will take place in Trois-Rivières (Quebec), will seek to shed light on the ways in which history and the social sciences as they are taught in schools, take into account geohistorical, political, cultural, social and identity-related factors that contribute to the emergence of the minority predicament in the world and the shaping of interactions and connections between social groups. The goal is to initiate a reflection on the relationship between nationalism, citizenship, political framework and cultural diversity.


The 6th conference of the IRAHSSE will be held from September 22-24, 2022 on a co-modal mode (onsite and online).

The conference program (final version) is now available, with Zoom links and room numbers.

You can download the long version of the program with abstracts.

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