Research Intern

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Generally, prospective interns must directly contact the supervisor with whom they wish to complete a research internship. Once the agreement/procedure has been finalized, the supervisor will send an official Invitation Letter to the intern.


Interns are responsible for making inquiries to the Canadian consular services in their country to determine the Canadian entry process (entry visitor visa (120 days or less), work permit, etc.).

It is important to understand that in Canada, an internship or a research residency may be considered as employment even if it is unpaid or short-term. You must also consider the requirements applicable to your situation and take into consideration the timeframe needed for processing requests in Canada and in Canadian visa offices abroad. See Canadian Government processing times.

If a work permit is required, please communicate with International Relations office (BRI) at the emailaddress to obtain information about the procedure.

  • Be sure to have obtained an Invitation Letter as well as an Internship Agreement from your supervisor (the Invitation Letter does not constitute an agreement).
  • Fill out the Internship Agreement that you receive, have the section reserved for your institution completed and signed, and send the final version to your supervisor.

As of March 15, 2016, Canada requires an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for all visitors from abroad, except those from the United States, who are from a country exempted from visa requirements and who wish to enter Canada by plane. Please check carefully at to see if this new entry requirement applies to you.

 Do you need a work permit to work in Canada?

If it is determined that you need a work permit, we suggest that you and your supervisor fill out the Word document entitled “Intern’s Personal Information”, which will allow UQTR to prepare an employment offer to include in your work permit request. The form is available under the tab “Templates”.


Please consult the website Accueil et soutien aux étudiants internationaux [Welcome and support for international students] to prepare for your arrival and stay in Trois-Rivières.


Before travelling to Quebec, interns from higher education institutions located within a country that has signed a reciprocal agreement with the Government of Quebec for social security1, and who are nationals of that country, must obtain a membership certification from the social security organization to which they belong in their country; and upon arrival in Quebec must go to the Régie de l’assurance maladie Québec office in Montreal to enroll.

Interns from other countries must enroll in UQTR’s insurance plan for international students upon their arrival.


Interns must have in hand all documents attesting to the purpose and length of their stay:

  • Invitation Letter from UQTR;
  • Signed Internship Agreement;
  • Scholarship Letter (if applicable);
  • Website printout explaining new regulations, etc.

Upon your arrival at Canadian customs, it is important to request your Visitor record if you are exempted from a work permit, you must have a visitor visa. This record lists the conditions of your stay in Canada, displays the validity dates (or the deadline by which the visitor must leave Canada) and provides a place to record other information relevant to the visitor and the reasons for requesting admission to Canada. You will be asked to present this record upon your arrival at UQTR.

If your work permit request has been approved by the Canadian authorities, the border services offices at Canadian customs will issue your work permit.


In order to meet institutional requirements, the intern must take the following steps IMMEDIATELY upon arrival at UQTR:

  • Notify your supervisor and plan a meeting together to discuss goals, tasks to accomplish, schedules and any other topic related to your internship.
  • Meet with an admissions and registrations clerk at the Registrar’s Office (Suite 1203, Pavillon Albert-Tessier). In order to open your file, you must present:

After opening a file at the Registrar’s office, interns need to visit the person in charge of welcome and support for international students at Service aux étudiants [Student Services], to be welcomed and to obtain their student card:

1] Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Sweden

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