Colloque international sur la traduction économique, commerciale, financière et institutionnelle

Second International Conference on Economic, Business, Financial and Institutional Translation (ICEBFIT)

In the age of ever-changing information and communication technologies (the Internet of Everything), global economy production and distribution processes are deeply impacted by the demand for information in multiple languages and localized content through intercultural communication. The volume of economic, business, financial and institutional translation increases each day: governments strive for plain and accessible information; institutions and agencies operate in more than one language; multinationals produce documents in multiple languages to expand their services all around the world, and large businesses and SMEs also have to adopt a multilingual approach when accessing new markets in new countries.

Translation and interpreting training institutions such as universities have always been aware of the need for training in this area. This awareness is evident in their curricula, which include subjects such as specialized translation and economic or institutional translation. Trainers and researchers are increasingly interested in knowing and researching the intricacies and aspects of this type of translation: its discourse, terminology, phraseology and metaphoric uses; its relation to plain language initiatives, new technologies, as well as teaching approaches, contrastive analysis, project management, etc. From this perspective, and following the success of the first Conference held in 2014 at the University of Alicante, the Département des langues modernes et de traduction of Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières seeks to bring together translation practitioners, researchers, teachers as well as other parties engaged in economic, commercial, financial and institutional translation in order to discuss and debate the following issues:

  • New research trends in the field of economic, commercial, financial and institutional translation
  • The impact of plain language initiatives on specialized translation norms and terminology
  • The study of specialized discourse, textual genres, and their relation to economics and business, the implementation of terminology, information resources and specialized phraseology
  • New pedagogical approaches or tools in teaching economic, commercial, financial and institutional translation
  • First-hand knowledge about business translation from professionals
  • The dual role of translation and terminology in the evolution of business languages and of specialized knowledge in the definition of translation norms and terminology
  • The ways in which regulatory compliance and frameworks impact translation, as well as the influence of cultural norms on specialized terminology and phraseology
  • Insights into bridging the gap between the professional and academic worlds


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