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I'm sick

Marie: Hi Bob. So, where's Tom?

Robert: He says he caught his death, that he's really sick.

Marie: Oh, that guy always thinks he's at death's door. Last week, he thought he was gonna croak from a heart attack! I've never seen such a hypochondriac!

Robert: All the doctors must haul outta there when they see him coming!

Marie: The hospital must have a permanent bed for him with his name on it!

Robert: And yet, there is still something wrong with him: he coughs nonstop but doesn't stop smoking. Then, he makes a big deal about how his lungs hurt. He's gonna flip out to the point where he's going to end up with one heck of an ulcer.

Marie: One of these days, a surgeon is going to tell him to hop up on the operating table. I'm sure that'll help him perk up and in no time flat!

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