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The teacher's pet


André: Holy cow! The stack of homework the teacher piles on students is unreal!

Yvette: I don't even have time to do it because I have to work tonight. I think I'll cut class tomorrow.

André: But you flunked the last exam and there's another one on Friday.

Yvette:I know. And if I don't cram for it, I'm done for!

André: He must be out of his mind to think that we can read all these books in two days! I think he's a sadist.

Yvette: I'll say! Knowing that I'm lousy in math, he always puts these impossible questions to me and grills me in front of the entire class. He ticks me off!

André: But did you notice that his pet always seems to ace the exams? All he ever does is get high grades!

Yvette: I can't stand that guy! Besides, he's got a face that could stop the wheels of a hearse. And he's really cross-eyed!

André: And did you get a load of his hair? Every time he gets his hair cut the barber makes him look like a plucked melon.

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