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French Slang

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Test Your Aural Comprehension

You will now hear a paragraph containing many of the terms from this section. The paragraph will be read more carefully than a normal conversational, in order to get you accustomed.

The paragraph will  be read with a pause after each sentence to give you time to write down what you heard. You can also use your MP3 window to stop and resume the dictation.

(reader: Gilles Triouleyre)

Chargement de l'audio...

Write your text in the window.

[Using reductions, as heard on MP3] 1. C'est chouette, c'te boum! 2. Mate un peu comme i' sont tous bien fringués. 3. Pourquoi tu t'fais d'la bile? 4. C'te nana-là, è m'bigle! 5. J'en pince pour elle. 6. J'vais la brancher. 7. T'es pas v'nu pour draguer? 8. J'ai envie d'm'humecter les amygdales.