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The big bash 

Marc: This party is really great!

Paul: But get a load how decked out everyone is! And me who look like a slob!

Marc: What are you getting all worked up for? You look fine. Hey! That girl over there is giving you the eye. Maybe she's got a crush on you! Go talk to her!

Paul: No way! I'd be scared to death!

Marc: You've flipped! Didn't you come here to cruise? Listen! I think you need to get yourself something to drink like me. I'll pay the first round.

Paul: You've lost it! Do you want to see me pass out? If I downed that rot-gut that you've got in your hand, I'd get totally wasted.

Marc: So, if you're thirsty, you can always drink water.

Paul: You know, it's not even funny. Everyone here is parading around with a cigarette in their mouth. Smoke stinks! I'm gonna get a sore throat if I stay here.

Marc: I have a feeling that you're just not cut out for parties, pal!


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