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What a dive!

Régis: I hope this isn't a dive like the one last night. It was filthy!

Nélie: Don't worry. This restaurant is the best. Look how spotless it is!

Régis: Yeah, that's true. I'm getting kind of hungry. I'm gonna pork out tonight.

Nélie: Me, too! My mouth is already watering.

Régis: Did you see these prices? Two hundred francs for ordinary red wine? The food at this restaurant must be expensive!

Nélie: Relax! I'm paying. You want a cocktailThere's the barman.

Régis: This glass of water is just fine. When I drink, I get bombed in no time flat... a real drunk!

Nélie: But the waiter could always give you some coffee, if you prefer. What happened to our waiter anyway?

Régis: Great! No check!

Nelie: And if he doesn't show up in two seconds, no tip!

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