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Topics include but are not limited to:

Regular track #1

Energy Storage and generation. Components and Systems

Chairs : Prof. Olivier Trescases, Univ. of Toronto, Canada and Prof. Noshin Omar, Vrije Univ. Brussels, Belgium.

Battery technology; advanced battery; battery management systems; charge/discharge units; voltage, SoC & thermal balancing systems; new capacitor technology; ultra-capacitors; flywheels; hybrid energy storage topologies; fuel cell systems; auxiliary power units; packaging of the energy sources; diagnosis and prognosis; SoC and SoH estimation, Solar vehicles. Applications to land, sea, air, and space vehicles.

Regular track #2

Power Electronics, Motor Drives and Electric Power Systems

Chairs : Prof. Narayan Kar, Univ. of Windsor, Canada and Prof. Zi-Qiang Zhu, Univ. of Sheffield, UK.

Converters; rectifiers; inverters; power electronics systems; electric machines; motor drives (design and/or control); power semiconductors; EMI/EMC; starters; generators; integrated starter/alternators; novel power modules; auxiliary motor drives; drive trains; diagnosis and prognosis; electro-magnetic compatibility; Power system architectures; 42V PowerNet; higher voltage power systems; X-by-wire; electric power steering; hydraulic powertrain. Applications to land, sea, air, and space vehicles.

Regular track #3

Vehicular electronics and Intelligent Transportation Systems

Chairs : Prof. Sebastien Roy, Univ. de Sherbrooke, Canada.

Active suspension; automatic cruise controls; remote sensing; wireless sensors and controls; sensor network; Wireless Communications and Vehicular Networking; Cooperative Driving; Intelligent and Autonomous Vehicles; active and passive safety systems; embedded operation system; vehicular signal processing; micro-electromechanical systems; driver assistance driving systems; virtual/digital system. Applications to land, sea, air, and space vehicles.

Regular track #4

Control and energy management of transportation systems

Chairs : Prof. Hicham Chaoui, Tennessee Tech. University, USA and Dr. Rochdi Trigui, IFSTTAR, France.

Power split in HEV; Intelligent control and energy management systems; Hardware-in-the-Loop; Fault tolerance control and management; off line & on line optimization; route based energy management; driving pattern recognition; online parameter identification & driver modelling for energy management; shifting control & management. Applications to land, sea, air, and space vehicles.

Regular track #5

Modeling, analysis and simulation of transportation systems

Chairs : Mr. Aymeric Rousseau, Argone Lab, USA and Dr. Samir Jemeï, Univ. de Franche-Comté, France.

Modeling, simulation, analysis, design, dynamics, and stability of vehicular systems/components; CAD/CAE; virtual prototyping; Vehicular architecture; real world testing; fleet measurement; driving cycle design; ecodriving; well-to-wheels and tank-to-wheels analysis; life cycle analysis. Applications to land, sea, air, and space vehicles.

Regular track #6

Charging systems and infrastructures

Chairs : Prof. Luiz Lopes, Concordia University, Canada and Prof. Ghanim Putrus, Univ. of Northumbria, UK.

Chargers; EV Electrical Infrastructure and V2X; on board battery chargers; AC & DC charging infrastructure; fast & superfast charging; wireless charging; conductive charging; charging management; Smart Grid; smart charging; harmonics and power quality. Applications to land, sea, air, and space vehicles.

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