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The Pediatric Patient - Diagnostic Imaging and Management


Cette formation est offerte en anglais seulement.

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This 6-hour presentation will cover the basics of pediatric imaging to include pediatric trauma, common dysplasias/anomalies, tumors, and arthritis. The first 3 hours will focus on pediatric trauma including mechanisms of injury, diagnostic imaging findings, and proper management. Pediatric patients can be prone to injury during play, sport, or accident. The second half will focus on dysplasias/anomalies, tumors, and arthritis with emphasis on management for the chiropractor and when alterations of technique and/or referral is necessary. At the conclusion of this discussion, an attendee will be able to understand the basics of trauma, common musculoskeletal injuries, tumors, arthritis, and dysplasias of the pediatric patient, diagnostic imaging findings, and proper management/referrals.

Hour 1: Pediatric and Trauma Overview

  • Normal pediatric imaging – tips and tricks to identifying primary and secondary ossification centers
  • Review of trauma basics – types of fractures, alignment of injuries, dislocations/subluxations
  • Overview of injuries in the pediatric population – Salter-Harris, Greenstick, Torus, etc.

Hour 2: Trauma of the Pediatric Spine

  • Overview of the Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar spine in the pediatric patient
  • Discuss mechanisms of injury and the resultant injuries in children compared to what is expected in the adult population
  • Review of cases in spinal trauma in children with discussion on appropriate referrals/management as needed

Hour 3: Trauma of the Pediatric Appendicular Skeleton

  • Regional-based approach to pediatric injuries with particular focus on the most common injuries
  • Discuss mechanisms of injury and key areas to review on imaging
  • Case-based discussion of proper management/referrals for each injury
  • Potential pitfalls of imaging of the pediatric patient

Hour 4: Dysplasias and Anomalies

  • Introduction of dysplasias and anomalies that may present to a chiropractic office
  • Discussion on when modification of technique and/or referral/co-management is necessary

Hour 5: Pediatric Tumors

  • Introduction of the approach of determine aggressive versus non-aggressive lesions
  • Case-based study of various malignant and benign lesions with management considerations
  • Discussion of patient presentation when considering bone lesions in children

Hour 6: Pediatric/Juvenile Arthritis

  • Basics of understanding joint affliction – comparison of adults and pediatric presentations
  • Analysis of inflammatory arthropathies that may affect the juvenile patient
  • Case-based discussion of proper management/referrals for arthritis

Dre Lauren Tollefson, DC, DACBR, New York

Par Dre Lauren Tollefson, DC, DACBR, New York

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Chantal Doucet, chiropraticienne, professeure-clinicienne, DC, MSc

Avec la collaboration de Chantale Doucet, DC, M.Sc., professeure-clinicienne, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

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