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The Bentham Project at UCL seeks the assistance of willing participants in an initiative to transcribe the manuscripts of philosopher and reformer Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832).

The Transcribe Bentham Transcription Desk is an online tool designed to harness the effort of all Bentham fans - whether schoolchildren, history enthusiasts, academics or armchair philosophers - to bring his work into the digital age and the world at large.

The Transcription Desk allows participants to transcribe material from facsimile images of Bentham's previously unpublished manuscripts. The resulting transcripts will be included in a freely-accessible database of Bentham's Manuscripts at UCL, and will assist in the preparation of future printed volumes of The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham at the Bentham Project.

For further information on Transcribe Bentham, visit:

To start transcribing, visit the Transcription Desk:

Transcribe Bentham is a joint initiative of the Bentham Project, UCL
Centre for Digital Humanities, University of London Computer Centre, and
UCL Library Services, and is supported by the AHRC.


The website Gazettes18e ("18th Century European Gazettes") is open:

This website, created by the 18th century studies Group of Lyon (CNRS-Lyon2) will offer the whole community of readers a free virtual digital library of Ancien Régime European news and a library of links to other newspapers in French language. Il will soon be extended, with European newspapers of the same period in other languages.

Already online: Gazette de Leyde ou Nouvelles extraordinaires de divers endroits (years 1775-1789), Courrier d'Avignon (years 1733-1778)

Other projects: Journal général de l'Europe, the Gazette des Deux-Ponts, the Courier de l'Europe, the Gazette de Varsovie.

All contributions and associations are welcome.




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