Scholarship Program

UNESCO Chair screening and evaluation of early childhood development

This scholarship program is offered to all students carrying out their studies project with one of the regular members of the Chair. The UNESCO Chair offers scholarships to students undertaking undergraduate research internships, their dissertation, thesis or a postdoctoral internship related to the Chair's program. Through this scholarship program, the Chair aspires to support students in carrying out their study work, help them defray the costs of attending conferences or support the completion of a research internship. Here are the number of scholarships awarded by degree and the amouts:

Undergraduate: 2 X 1 000$ = 2 000$ (CAN)

Master students: 3 X 1 500$= 4 500$ (CAN)

Doctoral students: 2 X 2 000$ = 4 000$ (CAN)

Postdoctoral students: 3 000$ (CAN)

Conditions of Eligibility 

  • Be an undergraduate, master, doctoral or postdoctoral student supervised by a regular member of the UNESCO Chair

  • Be registered for the winter semester of the current year

  • Do research activities related to the UNESCO Chair screening and evaluation of early childhood development program

Deadline to Submit Your Application

  • Candidates must apply before October 15, 2018.

Evaluation Criteria

Nominations will be reviewed by the executive committee based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Relevance of the study project regarding the objectives of the Chair (20 pts)

  • Quality of the project (20 pts)

  • Relevance of targeted dissemination activities (10 pts)

The results concerning the awarding of the scholarships will be sent to the candidates and their director by November 15, 2018, at the latest.

Presentation of Your Application

Candidates must send by email their application by joining the three required documents described below to the following address:

Required Documents
  • Identification form of the candidate and its director, completed and signed (Click here to download the form)

  • Presentation of the study project (objectives, method, planned activities, expected benefits) and its relevance to the objectives of the Chair (1 page maximum, double spaced, Time New Roman 12 points) (Click here to download the form)

  • Presentation of targeted dissemination activities (1 page maximum, double spaced, Time New Roman 12 points) (Click here to download the form)

Terms of Payment

In order for the payment of the scholarship to be made, the candidate must complete and sign, by December 1, 2018, a form required by the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) including identification information. The candidate must also join a proof of registration for the winter semester. Non-UQTR students must join a banking identification form (Click here to download a description of a bank account identification). A member of the Chair's team will contact the recipients in order to provide the necessary explanations.

The grant will become effective in January 2019 and will apply in one payment.

Candidate's Commitments

In April 2019, the candidate will have to write a brief report of the activities carried out (form available soon) for the purposes of dissemination and promotion of the activities of the Chair.