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Selected Publications:

  • Agudelo, Daniel; Beauregard, Marc; Berube, Gervais; Tajmir-Riahi, Heidar-Ali (2013) Antibiotic Doxorubicin and its Derivative Bind Milk β-Lactoglobulin. Accepted in J. Photochem. Photobiol. B Manuscript ID: jp-2012-080404
  • Jean-Joseph Max., Fatma Meddeb-Mouelhi , Marc Beauregard, and Camille Chapados (2012) Multi-wavelength dye concentration determination for enzymatic assay: Evaluation of chromogenic paranitrophenol over a wide pH range. Applied Spectroscopy, 66, 1433-1441. 
  • High transformation efficiency of Bacillus subtilis with integrative DNA using glycine betaine as osmoprotectant (2012) F. Meddeb-Mouelhi, C. Dulcey and M. Beauregard. Analytical Biochem.
  • Charbonneau, D.M., Meddeb-Mouelhi, F. and Beauregard, M. (2012) N-terminal purification tag alters thermal stability of the carboxylesterase EstGtA2 from G. thermodenitrificans by altering reversibility of thermal unfolding. Prot. Pep. Lett. 19, 264-269
  • Charbonneau, D.M., Meddeb-Mouelhi, F., Boissinot, M., Sirois, M. and Beauregard, M. (2011) Identification of thermophilic bacterial strains producing thermotolerant hydrolytic enzymes in manure compost. Indian J. 52 (1), 41-47
  • Charbonneau, D.M., Meddeb-Moulehi, F. and Beauregard, M. (2010) A novel thermostable carboxylesterase from Geobacillus thermodenitrificans: Evidence for a new carboxylesterase family. J. Biochem. 148 (3) 299-308
  • Houle, V., Gagnon, M.C., Dubé, E., Hurtubise, Y. and Beauregard, M. (2008) Impact of glycosylation on Saccharomyces cerevisiae endopolygalacturonase PGU1 activity and stability. Open J. Biotech. 2 (1) 36-42.
  • Etienne Dubé, François Shareck, Yves Hurtubise, Claude Daneault and Marc Beauregard (2008) Homologous cloning, expression and characterization of a laccase and enzymatic decolourization of an indigo dye. Appl. Microbiol.Biotech. 79, 597.
  • Etienne Dubé, François Shareck, Yves Hurtubise, Marc Beauregard and Claude Daneault (2008)

    Enzyme-based approaches for pitch control in thermomechanical pulping of softwood and pitch removal in process water.  J. Chemical Technol. Biotech. 83, 1261. 

  • Etienne Dubé, François Shareck, Yves Hurtubise, Marc Beauregard and Claude Daneault (2008) Decolourization of recalcitrant dyes under alkaline conditions with a bacterial laccase. J. Indust. Microbiol. Biotech. 35, 1123.

  • Beauregard, M. and Hefford, M.A. (2006) Enhancement of essential amino acid contents in crops by genetic engineering and protein design. Plant Biotech. J. 4: 561-574.
  • Habib Khoudi and Marc Beauregard.  (2005) The de novo designed protein MB-1Trp does not accumulate in transgenic alfalfa plants.  Plant Physiol. Biochem. 43: 1039-1043. 
  • Claveau, S., Sasseville, M. and Beauregard, M. (2004) Alcohol mediated error-prone PCR. DNA and Cell Biology 23, 789-795.
  • Beauregard, M., Dupont, C., Teather, R.M. and Hefford, M.A. (1995) Design, expression and initial characterization of MB-1, a de novo protein enriched in essential amino acids. Bio/Technology (Nature) 13, 974-981