Presentation of genocide

The Holodomor, genocide of Ukrainians in the USSR (PDF, new window)

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Image. Photograph showing wheat requisition in the Kiev region, Ukraine, in 1930. Credit: Gordyi Pshenichny, CDFCA of Ukraine

Image. 1933 photograph showing Ukrainian peasants attempting to flee the famine in 1933. Credit: Alexander Wienerberger, Wikimedia Commons.

Image. Ukrainian peasants attempting to flee by train in 1933. Stalin gave the order to stop all departures. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Image. Seizure of vegetables from peasants in Novo-Krasne, a village north of Odessa, Ukraine, 1932. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Image. American Communist militants attacking a protest by Ukrainian immigrants condemning the Holodomor, Chicago, December 1933. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.