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The International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, founded at the initiative of Theodore Besterman, promotes the growth, development and coordination of studies and research relating to the eighteenth century in all aspects of its cultural heritage (historical, philosophical, ideological, religious, linguistic, literary, scientific, artistic, juridical) in all countries, without exception; the Society is non-profit and non-political.

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Professor Marc André Bernier (Canada) was elected president of ISECS in 2011.



International congresses take place every 4 years attracting between 600 and 1,200 participants. The next congress will be held in Rotterdam in 2015.



vf-logo2Technical secretariat services for ISECS are provided by the Voltaire Foundation. The Voltaire Foundation is a world leader for eighteenth-century scholarship, publishing the definitive edition of the Complete Works of Voltaire (Œuvres complètes de Voltaire), as well as Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment (previously SVEC), the foremost series devoted to Enlightenment studies. You can find out more on their blog!

• ISECS Election Results (announced at the General Assembly during the ISECS Congress in Rotterdam, July 28 2015)
• Newsletter no.5, July 2015 (pdf)
• Marilyn Butler and the War of Ideas: A Commemorative Conference at Chawton House Library
• Fontenelle et l'Opéra
• Fabrications: Designing for Silk in the Eighteenth Century
• L'animal et l'homme
• De Versailles à La Motte Tilly : l'abbé Terray, ministre de Louis XV
• Caroline-Louise de Bade. Une collectionneuse d'envergure européenne

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