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Welcome to my ESL Webography!

Hi everybody,

When I started teaching English, I needed ideas for my lessons. That's when I began to surf the Web and, well, I became addicted to it. Needless to say, over the years, I've collected an amazing number of bookmarks on ESL (English as a Second Language). I was even told by a computer expert at the university that my bookmark list was one of the longest he had ever seen!

So, of course, the next step was to make this treasure chest available to my students. That's why I created this site, for your eyes only!

When my students ask me how they can improve their English proficiency, I always tell them to keep in touch with the language as much as they can. You have to do something in English every day. It can be reading, listening, writing, watching TV, a movie, or a documentary, and of course, speaking. But in a francophone environment, practicing speaking skills is sometimes difficult to achieve. Actually, taking an English course is a good way to speak English, but you need to continue studying on your own outside of class if your goal is to learn fast. In this web site, you will find a wealth of links to web sites that can help you do just that:  keep in touch with the language in a way that appeals to you. Motivation is one of the main factors in the acquisition of a language. You want to do an activity that is pleasurable to you. So, take some time to browse through my web site, and find your way to fun English!

Another foolproof method that will make you learn in an effective and fast way is immersion: staying for an extended period of time in a place where people speak the language you want to learn. You will find a list of links to major institutions that offer immersion programs. It works; a lot of my students did it and they can testify that their English improved in a dramatic way.

Please feel free to email me your comments, feedback, broken links, etc.


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