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TRA6025 - Cultural Crossroads and Translation

Niveau :  2e cycle
Département : Langues modernes et traduction
Crédits :3 crédits
Description :
Exploration of the interaction between language, culture and translation to enhance comparative reading of texts as well as the act of translating.
Examination of key concepts of culture (high, low, popular) and relevant institutions (UNESCO). Study of a variety of documents and translations from different spheres (politics, linguistics, advertising, literature and current issues), using various textual analysis strategies. Emphasis on the effect of culture on communication in language transfer, not necessarily restricted to the customary French-English binary context. Examination of the role of the translator as cultural agent focusing on both the creative and translational processes. Overview of the influence of technology on culture and translation (crowdsourcing).

Horaire du cours à la session automne 2023

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