PDG1073 - Classroom Management and Motivation in the Second Language Classroom  (3 crédits)

Niveau :  Troisième année
Département :  Langues modernes et traduction
Description :

Recognizing that learning and effective teaching practices rest on student motivation and classroom management, this course examines approaches to classroom management and student motivation, as well as the interrelatedness of these two concepts.

Included are topics such as classroom and personal organization geared to facilitate student learning; strategies to increase student motivation; setting standards for classroom behaviour; preventing classroom disruptions, how and when to intervene; creating, establishing and maintaining a positive learning environment.

Objectives :

  1. Identify factors that influence student motivation and behaviour in the L2 classroom.
  2. Identify issues to consider when establishing and applying classroom rules and procedures in the L2 classroom.
  3. Explain and discuss theories of motivation.
  4. Explain, analyse and evaluate different options for classroom management.
  5. Analyse instructional sequences in light of principles of motivation and classroom management.

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