ANG1066 - Popular Culture

Niveau :  Deuxième année
Département : Langues modernes et traduction
Crédits :3 crédits
Description :

Aim : To make students aware of the manner in which popular culture develops thanks to the influence of history, sociological factors, the media such as newspapers, music, movies and television, and sport.

Content :

a) A brief historical survey of the development of the institutions of government, education and law which form the foundation of the society in which a popular culture has developed; b) An examination of the role played in our daily lives by newspapers, songs, radio, television and films; c) An examination of the history of sport and its role in popular culture;
d) An account of the manner in which popular media and sport both reflect anglophone culture and contribute to its development; e) A comparative account of how popular cultures differ in anglophone countries; f) A look at the future with particular emphasis on the Internet, its possible domination by the English language and its influence on popular culture.

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