ANG1036 - Grammar

Niveau :  Première année
Département : Langues modernes et traduction
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Description :

To acquaint students with important features of English grammar in order to identify, understand and correct common mistakes.

Study of fundamental aspects of English grammar : parts of speech, irregular verbs, simple present and progressive present, personal and possessive pronouns, possessive adjectives, use of future and conditional, auxiliaries, plural forms, indefinite and definite articles, simple past and past continuous, past and present perfect, present perfect continuous, past perfect, prepositions and conjunctions, infinitives, gerunds and present participles following finite verbs, quantifiers, count and non-count nouns, grammatical interference errors, do/ make, say /tell, speak/ talk, remember /mind, have/ make, expect/ hope/ look forward, allow/ permit/ let, want/ wish, still/ yet/ already, so/ neither, during/ for, each/ every, fun/ funny, I'm used to/ I used to, adverbial position, negation, since-for sentences, faux amis, use of the verb mean. Written and/or oral assignment and consultation of lab resources as needed.

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